Getting started with extensions.

Getting started with extensions


Scanyp is highly customizable, and it's very easy to add your custom extension to have your own tab. For example, CodeSmells is an extension added to the product GUI.

Scanyp provides out of the box many widgets to quickly create advanced extensions.

Create your first extension step by step

  • Create the extension folder: Inside the $ScanypInstallDirectory/extensions folder, create your extension folder
  • Create index.html file inside your folder: The index.html page is the main extension page where you can add your widgets. For this sample we add a grid result widget, which will shows the most big types:

    The "Avoid too big Types" parameter is a rule name from the project rules repository, you can have all the rules from the Admin section.
  • Create extension.json file inside your folder: This file will contains some metadata about the extension.
  • Activate the extension: Finally you have to go to Admin->Extensions section to activate the extension

    After that the extension will be available in the scanyp menu:

Available widgets

Scanyp offers a wide range of features. It is often described as a Swiss Army Knife for developers.

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