C\C++ Plugin for SonarQube

C\C++ Plugin for SonarQube

Enrich the C\C++ SonarQube community plugin with:

CQLinq to Customize easily your rules,
The CppDepend features,
and the smart technical debt estimation.

Why the C\C++ Plugin?

Customize your Rules

Support for Code Query over LINQ (CQLinq) to easily write custom rules.

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Smart Technical Debt Estimation

For each issue, the cost to fix and the severity are estimated through customizable C# formulas.

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Easy to Setup

The C\C++ plugin for SonarQube is very easy to set up and to use.

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Rich in Features

Multi Module analysis

a CppDepend project could contain many C/C++ projects. After the analysis, CppDepend does not put all the code in the same SonarQube module. However, it creates a multi module sonarqube project to isolate each project into a separate module which makes the code navigation very easy.


CppDepend provides by default more than 250 rules, which you can easily customize completely. CppDepend provides a powerful way to compute the technical debt of the issues. The CppDepend technical debt and the issue severity are given to SonarQube.

Standard metrics

The plugin provides some useful design metrics like:

Afferent coupling (Ca): The number of types outside this project that depend on types within this project. High afferent coupling indicates that the concerned projects have many responsibilities.

Efferent coupling (Ce): The number of types inside this project that depends on types outside this project. High efferent coupling indicates that the concerned project is dependant.

Instability (I): This metric is an indicator of the project's resilience to change.

Code Duplication

Adding additional, unnecessary code to a codebase increases the amount of work required to extend and maintain the software in the future. Duplicate code adds to technical debt. Whether the duplication decreases the quality of the code.

The CPD which is a powerful tool to detect duplications is used to calculate some useful metrice about duplications.

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