Scanyp Features

Discover the power of Scanyp, an innovative code analysis tool designed to elevate your software development process. With its unique features and comprehensive metrics, Scanyp provides developers with invaluable insights to improve code quality, maintainability, and overall project efficiency.

Comprehensive Team Skill Assessment

Scanyp offers a distinctive approach to assessing developer capabilities by utilizing well-known metrics, encompassing design, implementation, testing, code documentation, and bug resolution.

Concentrate on Relevant Code using Working Sets

Static analysis tools may report thousands of issues, but it's not practical to examine the entire project. Scanyp's working sets enable focusing solely on the code that matters.

Task-based Code Review

Scanyp allows for task creation, connecting relevant information to accomplish the task, such as graphs, source code, issues, URLs, dependency matrices, trends, and more.

In-Depth Code Analysis with CodeInsight

CodeInsight lets you delve into any code element for a thorough understanding of its workings.

Precise Notifications

Scanyp's unique feature sends alerts when a code element experiences quality regression, affecting the entire solution, a project, namespace, type, or method.

Metric Labels for Clear Understanding

Instead of inundating developers with numerical metrics, Scanyp uses descriptive metric labels for better comprehension.

Simplified Extensibility

Scanyp offers numerous useful components for easily adding custom pages.

Baseline Comparisons

Scanyp helps compare two versions and highlights changes since the baseline.

Clone Detection

Scanyp identifies duplicated code and monitors the evolution of cloned lines across versions.

User-Friendly REST API

Scanyp's straightforward REST API enables data retrieval from external applications.

Compatibility with Other Static Analysis Tools

Scanyp accommodates other static analysis tools by providing a seamless way to import issues.

Maintainability Assessment

Scanyp employs the Maintainability Index metric to enhance code base maintainability.

Advanced Code Explorer

Scanyp's sophisticated code explorer allows for unique code discovery using labels, issue tags, and dependency graph, matrix, or CodeInsight page exploration.

Customizable Python Scripting

Scanyp employs Python for defining rules, queries, thresholds, trends, labels, and metrics.

Developer Guidance with MyAssistant

Scanyp employs Python for defining rules, queries, thresholds, trends, labels, and metrics.

Diagram-Assisted Code Comprehension

Scanyp offers insightful graphs, including dependency graphs, matrices, and code maps, for better code understanding.

Custom Chart Creation

Scanyp allows for easy creation and tracking of custom charts to monitor code quality.

Comprehensive Metric Support

Scanyp offers a wide range of metrics related to implementation, design, testing, and code documentation.

Threshold Enforcement

Scanyp supports thresholds as a quality check that must be met before releasing or committing to source control, serving as a PASS/FAIL criterion for software quality.

CI/CD Integration Compatibility

Scanyp can be seamlessly integrated into any CI/CD system.