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What's Scanyp?

The "Swiss Army Knife" for Developers, Architects and Teams

Scanyp runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

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  • Mac OSX.
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Why Scanyp?

Do more with an end-to-end solution

Code Rule and Code Query

Hundreds of default code rules to check against best practices. Support for Code Query over C# LINQ (CQLinq) to easily customize rules and query code.

Powerful Dependency Graph

Explore how the code is actually structured and shed light on architectural flaws thanks to the most powerful code dependency graph and dependency matrix available in the tool industry.

Smart Technical Debt Estimation

For each issue, the cost to fix and the severity are estimated through smart and customizable C# formulas. Thus estimations proposed are realistic.

Continuous Integration Reporting

Integrate Scanyp analysis into your build process and get highly customized and detailed reports to see progression and prevent code quality degradation.

Trend Monitoring

Get Trend Charts about pretty much any code metrics to master the evolution of your application.


Scanyp supports most popular coding langages: .Net, Java, C, C++, Python and PHP source code.

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“ The ability to write own queries in CQLinq and get immediately the result presented is outstanding and make it for me the best tool for analyzing static C++ code. In general I like the continuous way of improving the product over the years by adding support for test coverage and CI stuff like sonar or jenkins. Additionally I would thank your support team, which is always very helpful and responsive. ”