Code Ray : Advanced Source Code Explorer

Scanyp offers a sophisticated source code explorer that aids in swiftly pinpointing problems and grasping the workings of specific code segments.

The features encompassed in this explorer include:

Easy Navigation

Utilize the breadcrumb feature at the top to effortlessly traverse through the code.


Upon calculating code quality metrics, they're represented as labels, making it more comprehensible for developers.

While Scanyp provides a plethora of pre-defined labels, there's also the flexibility to craft personalized labels from the myriad of metrics at hand.


The explorer displays all identified issues, noting both their urgency and the associated technical debt.

Show only the new Issues

Developers, at times, may want to zero in on recent issues. The “Show only new issues” button facilitates this.

Show Fixed Issues

By default, issues resolved since the last assessment aren't visible. Clicking the “Show fixed issues” button brings them to the forefront.


To delve into the modifications made to the code, simply click on the “Show Diffs” button to view all contrasts.

Show in Code Insight

Upon scrutinizing a code fragment within the explorer, the “Show code element in CodeInsight” button grants a more intricate look on the CodeInsight page.

Add to a Task

Within the source explorer, there's an option to either devise a task – be it understanding a code snippet, refactoring a method – or to append the current code element to an already-existing task. The “Add to my tasks” button facilitates this.

Export to graph

For a holistic understanding of a code segment, the source explorer provides a dependency graph view.

Clicking on this option reroutes you to a page displaying the dependency graph for the relevant code.

Export to Matrix

Enhance your comprehension of a code piece by scrutinizing its dependency matrix through the source explorer.

Clicking on this will navigate you to the matrix page, laying out the dependencies of the specific code element in question.