Customize Baseline

Code evolution and maintenance are fundamental aspects of software engineering. Scanyp offers sophisticated features for analyzing code evolution and differences, providing clear distinctions between code changes. With Scanyp, you can observe:

  • New issues since the establishment of a baseline,
  • Resolved issues from the baseline,
  • Changes in metrics from the baseline, such as Lines of Code (LOC), complexity, cohesion, coupling, etc.
  • Progression of scores since the baseline,
  • Evolution of code clones from the baseline,
  • Alterations in maintainability since the baseline.

Scanyp also allows for a wide range of options when defining the baseline, including:

  • Most recent build: To compare with the latest analysis result.
  • Build done few days ago
  • Compare with a tagged analysis result: When a user launch ana analysis, he can tag it with a label Scanyp.exe –input folder  –identifier myproject –tag mytag            And this tag could be used later to reference this specific analysis.
  • Compare with an analysis done on a specific date.
>./  /home/myuser/compile_commands.json --identifier MyProject
>./  /home/myuser/compile_commands.json --identifier MyProject