Customize Thresholds

Scanyp provides the capability for a threshold feature. This feature functions as a quality check for code, which needs to be satisfied prior to the software's release and ideally before the code is committed to the source control. Essentially, a threshold serves as a clear PASS/FAIL metric for software quality.

You can effortlessly set up a threshold through the Admin -> Threshold tab.

The threshold is characterized by a python function known as 'gatefunction'. This function is required to return three distinct components - a status, a message, and a detailsQuery - which furnish additional insights into the threshold.

  • The 'status' can be either Pass, Warn or Fail.
  • The 'message' is a descriptive text displayed to the user, providing specific information about the issue.
  • The 'detailsQuery' is a Scanyp query that further elaborates on the threshold for the user.

def gatefunction(application):   
         message="No critical issue found."    
         detailsQuery="Team Critical Issues"   
         criticalissues=[{'issue':issue,'Debt':issue.Debt} for issue in application.Issues if                       issue.Severity=="Critical" ]    
                  message="More than 10 critical issues are found."           
                 message="At least 1 critical issue is found."        
return status,message,detailsQuery