How to Analyze a Java project with Scanyp?

      To perform the java source analysis, JDK8 or upper must be installed.
      The analysis is done using this command line:

      >scanyp.exe --input C:\work\MySourceFolder --identifier MyProject
      >./scanyp --input /home/myuser/mysourcefolder --identifier MyProject

      The --identifier switch is mandatory to define the project key, The scanyp agent will get from the Scanyp server the configuration of this specific key if it's found, else a default configuration will be created in the server and it will be used by the scanyp agent for the analysis.

      To have more reliable result concerning the dependencies with the external libraries it's recommended to specify the source folders where the external jars exists:

      >scanyp.exe --input C:\work\MySourceFolder --identifier MyProject --additionalFolders C:\work\MyExternalJarsFolder1;C:\work\MyExternalJarsFolder2