Addressing Issues

A prevalent scenario unfolds when a developer identifies a problem and then takes steps to address it. Such issues can either be automatically pinpointed by Scanyp or highlighted by a team member manually.

Procedure to tackle the issue

Step 1: Creating a targeted Working Set

To effectively address an issue, it's vital to zone in solely on the relevant code. Additionally, whenever modifications are made to a code segment to rectify an issue, it's advisable to monitor the subsequent impact on code quality. This is where the 'working set' comes into play. It allows you to:

  • Focus exclusively on particular code.
  • Gain valuable insights and metrics related to the specific code through the 'My View' page.
  • Monitor the code's progression post-modifications.

To curate a new working set:

  • Navigate to the 'My View' page.
  • Select 'Edit Working Sets.'
  • Proceed to formulate a new working set by pressing the 'New Working Set' button.
  • To incorporate a code component to this fresh set, shift to the 'Code Insight' page, opt for a code element, and then press 'Add to Working Set.'
  • Return to 'My View,' and transition to the fresh working set to focus solely on the pertinent code.
  • Remember, you can incorporate multiple code components to a working set. This ensures the developer gains access to metrics, issues, and the progression of these tracked elements via the 'My View' page.

Step 2: Initiate a task to address the issue

  • A developer can select the problematic area either from the 'Issues' page or the 'My View -> Issues' tab. Subsequently, click on 'Add to my tasks.'
  • Fill in the required details to create a new task.

Upon completion, this task will be present in the 'My Workspace' page.

  • Within this task, the developer can attach various elements such as a dependency graph, a dependency matrix, source code, code insight data, a trend, or even a URL.

This ensures all vital data is at the developer's fingertips to tackle the issue.

Moreover, developers can kick-start discussions pertaining to this issue, enabling seamless collaboration and a quicker resolution.