Scanyp Code insights

Scanyp offers more than just file-specific metrics and details. It also presents developers with a logical overview of their project, which can be seen in the treeview structure on the page's left side.

By selecting a particular code element, developers can delve deeper into its metrics, dependencies, and issues.

The Code Insight page is organized into the following sections:

  • Debt and Issues Section: This displays the trend in issues based on their severity in comparison to a baseline. Furthermore, a debt metric provides an estimated timeframe required to address the issues related to the chosen code element.
  • LOC and Coverage Section: This section showcases the Lines of Code (LOC), comments, complexity, and code coverage metrics. Additionally, it highlights how these metrics have evolved in relation to the baseline.
  • Design Metrics Section: Here, metrics pertaining to the structure and dependencies of the selected code element are provided.

Apart from these sections, the Code Insight page offers a visual representation called the code map for each code element.

This map serves as a quick reference to understand a code element's structure. In this map, the size of a rectangle correlates with the LOC metric, while its color intensity reflects the code element's complexity. This visualization aids in pinpointing complex sections within the code element effortlessly.

Additionally, the Code Insight page features two distinct dependency graphs:

  • Inside Dependency Graph: This illustrates the interdependencies among code elements within the selected code element.
  • Code Element Dependency Graph: This displays both the elements that call (callers) and are called by (callees) the chosen code element.