Scanyp Dependency Graph

Utilizing a dependency graph can greatly enhance our comprehension of how a code operates. Scanyp offers a unique dependency graph equipped with special features for dissecting code element dependencies.

Dependency Graph Toolbar Features

  • Navigation: Navigate through the graph with ease using the Go Back/Go Forward buttons.
  • Zoom: Adjust the graph's view using the zoom in, zoom out, and reset buttons.
  • Export to Matrix: When dealing with a multitude of code elements in a dependency graph, viewing the relations in a condensed form is beneficial. This is where the dependency matrix shines. Scanyp allows for a seamless conversion of the dependency graph into this matrix.
  • Add to a Task: Once you've set a task aiming for a specific goal, associating a dependency graph can furnish the developer with crucial insights. The "Add to my tasks" button facilitates adding the graph either to a fresh or an existing task.
  • Incorporate into a Working Set: The working set enables developers to zero in on particular code segments, preventing them from being overwhelmed by the entire project's code. Vital information can be added to this set for a more narrowed focus. The "Add to working set" button lets users add the graph to a current working set.
  • Search in Graph: For sprawling dependency graphs, the search box is invaluable for locating a specific code element by its name. Upon finding the element, the graph centers on it.

Interactions with code elements

Right-clicking on a chosen code element unveils a menu of practical choices:

  • Show in Code Insight: Delve deeper into the code element on the code insight page to glean more about it.
  • Go Inside: Investigate dependencies within the selected code element, displaying only its immediate sub-elements.
  • Direct Callers/Callees: Expose the direct entities that call or are called by this element.
  • Nested Elements and Connections: Examine inner code elements of the chosen one and their respective callers/callees.
  • Goto Source: Redirect to the source explorer page to witness the raw code of this element.

Mouse Interactions

  • Hover Over: Hovering over a code element highlights its direct callers in blue, indirect callers in light blue, direct callees in green, and indirect callees in light green. Scanyp employs these color codes to elucidate the element's dependencies. Additionally, the code element's complete name is displayed on the status bar.
  • Double-Click: Doing so on a code element zooms in to inspect its sub-elements.
  • Mouse Wheel: Conveniently zoom in and out of the graph using the mouse wheel.
  • Drag and Drop: Reposition the dependency graph with a simple drag and drop motion.