Scanyp Maintainability Index

The Maintainability Index is a tool that generates a score between 0 and 100, signifying the relative simplicity with which the code can be maintained. A higher score indicates greater maintainability. Color-coded evaluations are employed to rapidly spot problem areas within your code:

  • A score between 40 and 100 gets a green rating, suggesting that the code is easily maintainable,
  • A score within the range of 20 to 39 is assigned a yellow rating, reflecting moderate maintainability,
  • A red rating, given to scores between 0 and 19, signifies low maintainability.

By interacting with a code element in the grid via a double-click, users can be navigated to its position within the source code browser.

There are also certain actions available when a code element is right-clicked. These include:

  • Show in source, which displays the element in the source code.
  • Show in code insight, for more detailed information about the code element.
  • Show in dependency graph, to present the dependencies of the code element within the graph component.
>./  /home/myuser/compile_commands.json --identifier MyProject
>./  /home/myuser/compile_commands.json --identifier MyProject