Queries Management

Using Scanyp, we can effortlessly query our code base with python scripts and the provided code model API. Scanyp comes preloaded with numerous beneficial queries.

Existing queries can be modified or new ones can be created with ease. Take the "Not maintainable methods" query for instance:

The Maintainability Index threshold can be adjusted, and upon saving the modification, Scanyp will automatically update the results.

From the toolbar, we have the options to:

  • Expand or collapse all code elements.
  • Group by aspects such as project, namespace, or type.
  • Link an issue to a task.
  • Locate a specific code element using the search bar.

Double-clicking on a code element in the grid directs us to its position in the source code browser. Additionally, right-clicking a code element provides several options:

  • Show in source.
  • Examine in code insight for a detailed perspective of the code element.
  • Display in the dependency graph to visualize the dependencies of that code element within the graph module.