ScanypAnalyzer command line arguments

Two first parameters are mandatory:

  • The source codebase path,
  • and the --identifier argument.
>ScanypAnalyzer.exe  C:\work\MySolution.sln --identifier MyProject
>./analyze  /home/user/build/compile_commands.json --identifier MyProject

Here are the other optional options:

--serverIP: To specify the scanyx server IP, by default it's
>ScanypAnalyzer.exe  C:\work\MySolution.sln --identifier MyProject --serverIP
>./analyze  /home/user/build/compile_commands.json --identifier MyProject --serverIP

--port: To specify the scanyx server port, by default it's 3500.

>ScanypAnalyzer.exe  C:\work\MySolution.sln --identifier MyProject --port 4000
>./analyze  /home/user/build/compile_commands.json --identifier MyProject --port 4000

--perspective: To have multiple code quality views of the same project. And from the dashboard you can switch between perspectives of the same project.

>ScanypAnalyzer.exe  C:\work\MySolution.sln --identifier MyProject --perspective branch1
>./analyze  /home/user/build/compile_commands.json --identifier MyProject --perspective branch1

--kind: by default scanyp parse all kind of projects in a folder. However, if you need only a specific kind of project, you can specify this param. Possible values: c, c++, java, php, python

>ScanypAnalyzer.exe  C:\work\MySolution.sln --identifier MyProject --kind c++
>./analyze  /home/user/build/compile_commands.json --identifier MyProject --kind c++

--additionalFolders: To specify additional folders where exists third party libraries.

>ScanypAnalyzer.exe  C:\work\MySolution.sln --identifier MyProject --additionalFolders C:\work\AdditionalIncludes
>./analyze  /home/user/build/compile_commands.json --identifier MyProject --additionalFolders /home/user/additionalIncludes

--coverageDir: To specify the directory that contains coverage files

>ScanypAnalyzer.exe  C:\work\MySolution.sln --identifier MyProject --coverageDir C:\work\CoverageFolder
>./analyze  /home/user/build/compile_commands.json --identifier MyProject --coverageDir /home/user/coverageFolder

--outputDirectory: To specify the output folder, by default its created in temp folder.

>ScanypAnalyzer.exe  C:\work\MySolution.sln --identifier MyProject --outputDirectory C:\work\OutputFolder
>./analyze  /home/user/build/compile_commands.json --identifier MyProject --outputDirectory /home/user/outputDirectory

--exclude: To exclude folders,files or paths using regex expressions.

>ScanypAnalyzer.exe  C:\work\MySolution.sln --identifier MyProject --exclude Folder:C:\work\FolderToExclude;Folder:C:\work\FolderToExclude2
>./analyze  /home/user/build/compile_commands.json --identifier MyProject --exclude Folder:/home/user/FolderToExclude1;Folder:/home/user/FolderToExclude2

After the analysis is done, the result could be accessed from the browser:

To get the analysis details of a project you can just click on its link:

>./  /home/myuser/compile_commands.json --identifier MyProject
>./  /home/myuser/compile_commands.json --identifier MyProject