Assessing Developer Skills

While enhancing the quality of the code base is commendable, it's equally pivotal to uplift the development capabilities of the team. Doing so not only results in better code but also ensures adherence to timelines.Yet, before embarking on skill enhancement, it's crucial to pinpoint the development areas that require attention.

Scanyp offers a comprehensive evaluation of the team's development proficiency across various categories, encompassing code implementation, design, unit testing, and code documentation. Each category is awarded a score. Moreover, these categories are further segmented into various subcategories, each zeroing in on a distinct skillset.

Users can delve into each subcategory by clicking on them, unveiling the identified discrepancies.

Consistent with Scanyp's adaptable framework, this feature can be tailored to specific needs. Within the admin portal, queries for each subcategory can be adjusted. As an illustration, the criterion for the 'complex methods' subcategory can be modified.