Collaborative Peer Review

Often, a project requires the collaboration of multiple developers to assess its design or code implementation. In such situations, it's beneficial to have a dedicated platform where developers can share information and also evaluate if the review has enhanced the quality of the code.

Step 1: Team Formation

Through Scanyp, teams can be established within the Admin section under "Users/Teams."

Developers can be added to this team by selecting the "Edit Teams" option.

Additionally, specific roles can be assigned to each developer within the team.

Step 2: Define a Working Set

Once the team finalizes which part of the code, such as the NFController class, needs reviewing or refactoring, they can select that particular class and include it in a working set. This allows the team to concentrate solely on the selected code segment.

Post-refactoring, the 'My View' page lets users easily monitor changes in code quality.

Step 3: Assign a refactoring Task

For tracking the refactoring process and the progress made, you can:

  • Identify the relevant code section.
  • Click on "Add to my tasks."
  • Choose the "Code Review" task type and delegate it to the appropriate team.

With the task in place, multiple developers can collaboratively review and enhance the code.