Prioritizing Issue Resolution

Often, a codebase might have thousands of identified issues, leaving developers daunted and unsure of where to start.

Scanyp assists developers in pinpointing the most pressing issues. To leverage this, follow the steps below:

Establish a Working Set for Targeted Focus

When addressing an issue, it's beneficial to concentrate solely on the relevant code. Furthermore, when changes are made to rectify an issue, it's essential to gauge the code quality's subsequent effect.

A 'Working Set' enables developers to hone in on specific segments of code. The 'My View' section offers vital metrics about this particular code and monitors any alterations post-modification.

Navigate to the 'My View' page and select 'Edit Working Sets.'

Initiate a new working set by hitting the 'New Working Set' option.

The new Working Set is created.

Once created, to incorporate a code element to this set, head to the 'Code Insight' page. Select a code element and press 'Add to Working Set.'

Return to the 'My View' section and toggle to the newly created working set for an exclusive focus on the designated code.

You have the flexibility to include multiple code elements to a working set. This approach ensures developers can monitor metrics, issues, and code evolution from the 'My View' page when modifications are made.

Step 2: Activate the 'MyAssistant' Tool

After defining a working set, Scanyp provides recommended actions to enhance the code quality. Access these pointers via 'My View' > 'My Assistant.'

Top Code to Review

Scanyp identifies design and implementation anomalies in your code, emphasizing areas needing urgent review.

Top Issues to resolve

As issues get flagged, it might be challenging determining which ones to tackle first. Scanyp aids users by proposing solutions that will have the most significant positive effect on the code.

Top Tasks to Finish

With possibly a multitude of tasks at hand, Scanyp pinpoints the most crucial ones to address.