Tailoring Scanyp to Suit your Preferences

Scanyp offers an array of valuable pages designed to monitor your code base quality and help you get acquainted with the pre-existing code. One of Scanyp's key advantages is its adaptability. It empowers users to effortlessly craft their own extensions, leveraging two main tools:

  • Scanyp Components: These are UI elements you can integrate into your customized pages.
  • ScanypKit: This class facilitates calls to the Scanyp REST API, offering abundant information from the analysis that can be harnessed in your extensions.

Crafting your Initial Extension

To set up your debut Scanyp extension, follow these procedures:

  • Initiate a directory bearing the name of your extension.
  • Within this directory, produce the metadata file titled 'extension.json'. Here’s an example of what the content might look like.
  • Within the same directory, establish the 'index.html' for the extension page. This is where you'll lay out your tailored page.

For instance, it can display a query result for “Big Types”.

From the example, we discern:

  • The necessity to first incorporate the Scanyp files.
  • Within your script, you have the latitude to weave in any Scanyp components of your choosing. In the given scenario, we've integrated the query result grid component, which lays out the result for the “Big Types” query.